Cuquín Telerín pronounced (koo-keen) is the youngest of the siblings and loves to play all the time, Cuquín can talk but sometimes only a few words, he's very talented and unlike other ordinary babies, Cuquín mostly bounces on his bottom like a bunny, crawls, or runs and he's loved by all his siblings. He is also allergic to flower pollen, as it makes him sneeze.

Description Edit


Cuquín is a baby, and like most babies, he is the center of attention of the family. He is a playful, tireless, little rascal who is incapable of sitting still. He absolutely adores his older siblings and always wants to be right by their side, playing with them, doing whatever they do. But absolutely anything and everything they do. Unlike other babies, he doesn’t cry a lot. Cuquín is always happy.


Cuquín is bald and he wears a light blue and yellow onesie with a dinosaur emblem, a little dinosaur hood and yellow trainers.


  • Play!
  • Aww

Relationships Edit

Cleo Edit

Cuquin has a very close bonding relationship with his older sister, Cleo. They are always seen playing and working together when it comes to helping their friends and solving problems. Cleo loves her baby brother and the two share a nice brother and sister relationship.

Pelusin Edit

They both enjoy being together and playing together. Cuquin is nice to Poolusin a lot.

Maripí Edit

Sometimes when Cuquin works Maripí’s last nerve, she would take away what Cuquin is using. But they still love each other. And Maripí likes to kiss Cuquin on his head And kiss on the cheek.

Colitas Edit

Sometimes when Colitas needs to feel better, Cuquin would kiss Colitas' cheek and likes to play with her as both are the youngest.

Teté Edit

Teté and Cuquin get along very well. They play together mostly. And Teté has a sweet relationship with Cuquin.


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