1. Teté pronounced (Te-Tay) Telerìn is the 2nd oldest of the siblings, Tetè is more of a bookworm who loves mostly reading about science facts, dinosaurs and history, Tetè unlike Pelusin is the smartest of the siblings and doesn't mind helping, even by wearing a tutu to perform for Maripì.

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He is the typical "bookworm". Tete loves to read, and has a dictionary to learn words, and above all, has books on nature, ecology, sciences, and space. He knows the characteristics of different flowers and animals.....and he is a huge fan of dinosaurs! He has a toy dinosaur called Dino, and they are his favorite out of all animals.... Well, out of all animals because you can no longer find dinosaurs, because they are extinct, and he doesn't like dogs or cats because they bite and scratch.

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Tetè has brown hair with blue, round glasses and he wears a green long sleeved shirt with a Tt emblem, dark grey trousers, and dark green Trainers with white trimming.

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Relationships Edit


Cleo is nice to Tetè and they have a sweet relationship. They also like helping each other.


Cuquìn and Tetè are sweet as they enjoy being around each other. Tetè also likes giving nice compliments to Cuquìn.


Pelusin and Tetè have a nice relationship. They can be seen playing together alot.


Maripí seems close to Tetè. They mostly get along very well, and Maripí seems nice to Tetè.


Colitas’ relationship with Tetè is positive. They are seen playing together alot..


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